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Teaching Sex Education To Your Special Child 

Sexuality, for the neurotypical individual, is often a topic learned through informal channels. For those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), they have a harder time to learn about it through the same channels as the neurotypical individual. This situation poses a challenge, especially for their parents, since misinformation and misunderstandings may arise and may be learned by their special child.     […]

What To Do If Your Husband Has ASD

Living with someone who has an autism spectrum disorder or ASD is completely challenging. You have to understand that marriage is going to be difficult to handle. Notwithstanding this difficulty, it is still possible to live a happy life. There will be problems and struggles along the way, but as long as you keep your […]

Therapy: Is It Ideal For Kids With Autism?

        Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is one of the common mental illnesses in children. Kids with this kind of condition have difficulty in connecting with others. They experience different challenges, which prevent them from building friendships or relationships with their family members, schoolmates, and teachers. Most of the time, these young ones […]

Autism And Psychiatry

    One of the developmental disorders common in children is autism spectrum disorder or ASD. Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions about this mental health problem. Not everyone is aware of the implications when a child is diagnosed with ASD. In this article, we are going to provide some of the necessary information about this […]

Autistic Love

[Discrediting The Myth] One of the most common and wrong misconceptions about people diagnosed with ASD is that they are not interested in romantic and sexual relationships, that people on the autism spectrum have no interest regarding human interaction that involves social and communication skills.  It is very wrong. We cannot generalize the population of […]

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