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Autism And Psychiatry

    One of the developmental disorders common in children is autism spectrum disorder or ASD. Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions about this mental health problem. Not everyone is aware of the implications when a child is diagnosed with ASD. In this article, we are going to provide some of the necessary information about this […]

Autistic Love

[Discrediting The Myth] One of the most common and wrong misconceptions about people diagnosed with ASD is that they are not interested in romantic and sexual relationships, that people on the autism spectrum have no interest regarding human interaction that involves social and communication skills.  It is very wrong. We cannot generalize the population of […]

Embracing Autism In Today’s Generation

  Persons diagnosed with autism can view the world more unusual than to a regular average person.   The fact alone that they need help as early as the illness is diagnosed and build up in their process changes the way an autistic person perceives its surroundings and its nature.   Primarily, dependency on a person who […]

Savant Syndrome Is Not A Disease

Dealing with any developmental deficiency can cause complicated and conflicting issues within the person and their families. Each type of disorder is not tailored-cut where attention and support are made all throughout every affected individual. There are also those persons, the “gifted ones,” that are explicitly considered unique and may need more interventions than what […]

Helping Autistic People Indirectly

Source: Living with autism is difficult to fathom for regular people, primarily if you are not related to someone who’s on the spectrum. Some feel sorry for them because they cannot have a healthy life. Even if companies may hire them, they will always carry the stigma that comes with being autistic. Others, meanwhile, […]

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