Embracing Autism In Today’s Generation


Persons diagnosed with autism can view the world more unusual than to a regular average person.   The fact alone that they need help as early as the illness is diagnosed and build up in their process changes the way an autistic person perceives its surroundings and its nature.   Primarily, dependency on a person who understands him can shape his thought process that he can ordinarily see that he alone cannot adequately function individually without assistance.


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The Disability And Incapabilities

According to Mindia Gabichvadze, PsyD “A personality disorder is a mental health condition that causes long-lasting thought patterns and behaviors that are outside of societal norms.” Autistic persons suffer more than anyone functioning at a level that is generally acceptable. That is because of the lack of understanding to sort out what is necessary for them to nurture in life, lack of focus on things that matter and difficulty in concentrating on basic stuff needed to be learned to maintain the standards set up by society.


They Need Support, Love, And Acceptance

In our life, we may have seen, encountered, or met a person who happens to have autism.  Do you ever consider asking how they manage to live a happy and contented life despite their condition?  It can be because someone is concerned and tends to them.


In fact, there are many organizations present up to this date that aims to help ASD, and they have gained many supporters that aid them in combating this kind of mental illness. “Another potential stress reducer is practicing acceptance,” Dr. Keefer said. “Parents who accept where their child is today seem to do better.” That is according to Amy Keefer PhD, a clinical psychologist at Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Center for Autism and Related Disorders.


Let’s face it, as society grows, mental disorders multiply, too, and this includes ASD.  Up to this date causes of ASD brought us many known theories and it inherently means that there is no one answer to where it comes from or what caused it.   Some research says it’s the genes, others believe it as an illness that emerges from environmental factors such as the surrounding of the pregnant mother or even lack of nourishment.  But, isn’t it that the one which actually matters is how we can accept ASD as a part of the new generation and help ease up their loads.



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Let The Autistic Mind Reach Out To You

The society grows way faster and more advanced, more benefits from medical advancement in studying and coping up with ASD as it gains more attraction in our generation.  Some people, too, have become open-minded in the likes of this mental illness and awareness of the spectrum, in fact, has helped the autism community live like one of the regular guys.


A mentally challenged individual has a lot more to offer than we may think of.  The way they see or perceive the world differently is something they can teach us, though, it requires time and effort to nurture and bring out the best in some of them.


Mentally challenged individual or autistic persons gives every one of us valuable insights on ways of living life and even inspiration by showing us that despite their incapabilities, they manage to achieve greatness in some form.


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Having ASD is a tough battle for the person affected by the spectrum and their families, and will even be tougher if no one will care or support them. “Families of those with autism are constantly seeking alternative ways to support their children and there are billions of research dollars spent to find the best method, the best approach, and the best way to help people with autism rise to their fullest potential.” Christina Devereaux Ph.D, BC-DMT said. Embracing autism in today’s generation is the best way we can help them ease their burdens.  A simple smile, extending a hand to help them cope up with the trials of life is a means to make a difference and will come a long way as they continue their journey.