SPED Teaching Strategies

The 2019 SPED conference explains that teaching kids with special needs are never easy. There are lots to consider because the students require more than just a day of a lesson. There must be an assurance of understanding, patience, as well as improved communication. In this article, let’s try and discuss some of the important SPED teaching strategies teachers can use.

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Use Of Different Learning Style – Teachers should learn to incorporate teaching styles so that the kids can use different learning materials. However, not all children with a disability require the same type of learning style. Some may require visual, audio, and even kinesthetic approach. With those challenges, teachers learning strategies should be creative, highly intuitive, and detailed.

Use Assistive Technology – Children’s disabilities vary. Therefore, teachers should consider the use of devices and equipment to encourage a more student-friendly environment. Some of these learning technologies include hearing aids, cognitive aids, mobility aids, adaptive switches, voice recognition programs, and other devices to help children with a disability perform tasks.

Use Of Kid-Friendly Environment – Children with special needs need to have a relaxed learning environment. It will allow them to understand the importance of social engagement, where respectful behavior is a top priority. Therefore, teachers should consider the kids’ interest in a safe, trusting, and comfortable classroom.

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Use Of Standard Curriculum – There is always an educational standard even in SPED classes, so teachers must be aware of that. Since they will be the ones responsible for the children’s learning and achieving goals, teachers must understand the vitality of kids’ prior knowledge and learning capabilities. It will help avoid misjudgments between children who can learn fast and those who couldn’t.

Use Of Good Sense Of Humor – Kids love teachers with a good sense of humor. If that characteristic is present in a SPED classroom, students will enjoy school. They will appreciate teachers’ effort in imparting wisdom.